Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Protesting a restaurant owner for donating 100 dollars to yes on Prop 8 misses a huge point.

I disagree with the boycott of the El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles. Just because the owner is mormon and donated a hundred dollars to the yes on 8 proposition is not reason enough to boycott. The employees of El Coyote restaurant, some of whom are gay, probably donated MORE than one hundred dollars to defeat proposition 8. If a restaurant generates more money against the passage of proposition 8 than it did for the passage of proposition 8, it doesn't make sense to boycott the restaurant. El Coyote Boycott over a hundred dollar donation.

If the restaurant employees did not give more than the restaurant owner's hundred dollars to defeat Propositon 8, why is that acceptable? It sure does seem as if the very modest 100 dollar donation made by the owner could easily have been offset by those who work at the resaurant and are gay.

Or do offsets only count when it comes to global warming?